Песня в подарок — I will love you [муз. Мот]

Песня в подарок - I will love you [муз. Мот]

Песня в подарок — I will love you [муз. Мот]

My feelings flurry me like a magic,
One year has passed, I can`t imagine,
How I would live it without you,
But you are mine and I`m yours too.

That marvelous time we met on-line,
And understood we match each other well, and it was love,
And then in Paris I saw you in flesh,
My heart was beating loud, like a lash.
You are my angel and ward,
And I`m so grateful to Lord
for you again and again, you know it,
And our love, like an «eight»,
sure, will not have the end,
And my demands are so small — I need you and that`s all.
I`m happy to feel your breath and
heat of your body, your soul is pleasant,
And I adore all of this,
Your kisses and your sight
are blowing up my mind.

Chorus (4):
I will love you, darling, for all my life,
I will be your lovely and caring wife.
All my life, all my life.

I know we will take all the troubles together,
I will be glad despite of any weather,
Your loving eyes inspire me, make me happy,
Let time to pass, I want to be your babe,
And our flat is to become the our nest
I`ll give you son and doughter,
you`ll ride them on your shoulders,
So, we are getting older,
And our wedding is so soon — in this October,
It makes me fell quite bolder.
I wanna sink in you so much,
to feel your smell, your touch,
to go with you to the edge of world,
Don`t say me any word,
Just push me to sourself and
please, don`t release me any more, honey,
And our home is USA and Russia,
And also Phuket — this paradise island,
You are my lovely man, my future husband,
Let our life be soft like grassland.


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